Florida woman thanks Pemberville for helping get power back

Pemberville Village Hall

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, electricians from Bowling Green and from Pemberville traveled down to help Floridians whose power was knocked out.

The three linemen from Bowling Green were Trent Tyson, Randy McBride and Tim Brubaker.

The two electricians from Pemberville were John Lockhart and Dean Ridner.

This morning, the village of Pemberville received an email from a family displaced by the hurricane, who expressed their thanks for the electricians who traveled so far to help.

Molly Brown approved her letter being shared…..

Village of Pemberville,

We are in Tallahassee, FL. Last night, by the grace of God, a potentially catastrophic and life changing Hurricane Irma was diverted slightly inland, saving all of the homes here and significant changes in everyone’s lives. We fled here from Jacksonville, which initially was supposed to be harder hit. Then the storm track changed. It was coming here, and I was stuck with my three small boys in a hotel while my husband, who is a police officer in Jacksonville, had to stay behind. It was a lot of stress, watching the storm come and not being able to get out of its way.

We lost power at 3 am, myself and my three little boys. Today, we just got back on power. Not a long time, but having it back after all the build up of stress was AWESOME!

And then, driving through the parking lot of the hotel, I saw the electric truck with the people who fixed the power. The truck has your village logo, Pemberville, Ohio. THANK YOU. Thank you for sending people to help us. Thank you for letting go of your resources. I’m sure some people will say, well sure, those guys are getting paid. Of course they are, and they should be. Handsomely. None of us can get the power back on. Those electricians (of course I’m sure it’s another title) drove that big truck halfway across the country to help people they don’t even know when we need their help. You are appreciated. I myself am a public servant, and I’m going to guess they don’t hear it enough, so please tell them: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

For a mom with three little boys, worried about her own house back in Jacksonville and not knowing the status of said house, the power is a great thing. I wish I could have made it downstairs to say thank you. I saw the hotel manager talking to them, hopefully saying thank you. The left right away, I’m sure helping to make some more people smile. Your guys are wonderful.

From the city of Tallahassee, Florida, y’all are much appreciated! Please thank the electricians who came down here. Please consider something to recognize that their help is appreciated and your village was seen doing great work. What I believe is God’s work, serving others.


Molly Brown