Garden Group helps brighten up downtown BG


Susan Winters and Inge Klopping

The day started out with lightening, thunder and a deluge of rain as the flowers were being delivered this morning by Sue Wolf and her people.  Over 1000 colorful healthy plants grown especially for Downtown Bowling Green by Wolfs Blooms and Berries, arrived at 6 a.m. Dedicated to the task, they were not able to avoid getting a little soggy.  

More than a dozen members of the BGSU Women’s Garden Group meet at Grounds for Thought for complimentary coffee and donuts before starting on the planting of the flowers.  These women, some who are master gardeners, have volunteered to do this annual planting day for many years. They also tend to the pots throughout the season, trimming and dead heading the expired blooms.  They were all happy to be greeted by a few rays of sunshine as they set out down Main St.

Mary Hinkelman, Managing Director of Downtown Bowling Green said: “We are so grateful.  So much goes into having the wonderful flowers that we have in our Downtown. We just can’t thank the community of Bowling Green enough for the donations to help us continue this service and our thanks continue to all who are involved in the growing, planting and care of the flowers.”

The hanging baskets will be delivered and hung tomorrow to complete the planting project.  Be sure to take a stroll though the Downtown and enjoy the view.

Anne Tracy, Barbara Sanchez, and Sharon Libby


Mary Ellen Bollenbacher and Jo Ascunce