Murder of Dawn Glanz to be featured on ‘Cold Justice’

Dawn Glanz


BG Independent News


Bowling Green’s only unsolved murder will be focused on in an episode of “Cold Justice,” a true crime series on Oxygen cable channel on Saturday.

The murder of Dawn Glanz, who was found dead in her home on Kensington Boulevard on May 9, 2013, will be examined in the show that attempts to solve cold cases.

The autopsy found that Glanz, 66, a professor of art history at Bowling Green State University, suffered a sharp force injury of the scalp and was stabbed by an assailant.

“The family approached us when the case stalled out,” Bowling Green Police Chief Tony Hetrick said. They suggested finding a TV show to profile the cold case.

Hetrick said he consulted Wood County Prosecuting Attorney Paul Dobson, and contacted Tonya Rider, a Bowling Green State University professor and retired Toledo detective.

They contacted Kelly Siegler, a former Houston prosecutor, who leads the investigations on “Cold Justice.”

The TV crew spent several days in Bowling Green in October, filming for the show. The primary Bowling Green police officers featured on the show are Det. Brian Houser and Sgt Scott Kleiber.

During their 10 days in Bowling Green, the “Cold Justice” crew re-interviewed witnesses and brought in their own technical experts.

Hetrick has viewed the episode and was pleased with its adherence to the truth.

“I’ve seen it. It’s very accurate,” he said. “Sometimes these crime shows take licenses – this does not.”

Hetrick and the Glanz family are hoping the “Cold Justice” episode jogs some memories.

“Hopefully somebody has some information we do not,” Hetrick said. “We’re hoping this will bring some closure for the family and some justice for Dawn.”

The family has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading for the resolution of the case.

If the case is solved, it would clear up Bowling Green’s sole unsolved murder.

“This is the only one we have,” Hetrick said.