Northview team the star of BSAF’s Chalk Walk

Northview team at work.


The Northview team has won top honors in the Black Swamp Arts Festival’s Chalk Walk competition.

Though the 16 teams could not draw their designs during the festival because of rain, the competition went on. Each team had the option of creating its design at its home school, and then providing time and date stamped photos, as well as photos of their process.

The entries from 14 schools were judged earlier this week.

The Northview team of Dominic Ciucci, Brookelyn Duhamel, Lindsey Ingle, and Courtney Kross won the top award. 

The team from Eastwood placed second, and Otsego 2 placed third.

Winning teams receive cash awards that go to support their schools’ art programs. Awards are $500 for first place, $250 for second, and $100 for third

This year’s theme was Outer Space and the Solar System.

The Northview teams wrote: “We decided to create this composition because we wanted to convey the message that people are so much more complex than what meets the eye.”

The Eastwood team wrote: “For our piece, we decided to portray two different kind of space, with the paint cans representing an artistic space and the other being outer space.”

The Otsego team wrote: “Animals live in the moment, quite unlike people. They trust the universe; they don’t question it. We should be like animals and take more time to stop and reflect on the wonderful miracles of creation right outside our windows.”

The contest is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bowling Green.