Sheriff made wrong call on storm level


I am a registered Republican and have never voted for anyone other than a Republican.   I have voted for you every time you ran and have met you.   My point is that you are taking a hard line on this issue and I can tell you that people feel you are wrong on this, even Republicans.   People rely on YOU to give them accurate information and the reality of Saturday was that you didn’t    I drove from Hancock county which was a level 2 to BG and it was at least as bad.   All I am saying is that playing the Trump line, which we both know is the case here, is not in the best interest of public safety.

Jasen Leffel

Bowling Green

Mark Wasylyshyn response Jan. 21 at 10:05 p.m.

Dear Jasen,

As you know I rarely issue level three. I strongly believe in people having the right to travel when they wish. I recently educated myself about the levels and spoke with a man involved with creating them. He confirmed what I sent out.  You don’t sound like a Republican.  Usually Republicans are for individual rights not government dictating when you can leave travel.

Last opponent ran campaign against me promising many more level threes. She did not fair (sic) well.  If I get voted out doing the right thing then I’ll move on and you can stay home per orders when it snows.

Mark Wasylyshyn

Wood County Sheriff

So what changed since last year when it comes to issuing a certain level?   You issued them last year.   I really hope this is not anything politically motivated but sense it really is.   I guess ALL the other surrounding sheriffs must be wrong.   I am a lifelong Republican and you are really taking the wrong avenue on this if you plan to be re-elected.   Please reconsider your stance if and when the next storm hits.

The roads were definitely bad, at a minimum a level 1 but in my opinion a level 2.  People aren’t stupid and this will come up during the next election cycle.

Jasen Leffel