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Faculty recital series starts at BGSU

Start the new semester with some new music performed by violinist Caroline Chin . She’ll present the first Faculty Artist Series of the semester Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the refurbished Bryan Recital Hall in the Moore Musical Arts Center on the Bowling Green State University campus. She will perform BGSU colleague Guggenheim Fellow Mikel Kuehn Mikel Kuehn’s “Crosstalk” for Flute and Violin and with Dr. Conor Nelson, flute. This is the piece’s wrld premiere. Chin will open the concert with Anton Webern’s 4 Pieces for Violin and Piano. She’ll be joined by Dr. Laura Melton, piano. Chin and Melton will close with Camille Saint-Saens’ Sonata No. 1 in D minor for Violin and Piano. Chin joined the BGSU faculty last semester. She’s an avid performer of contemporary chamber music and has played with tap dancer Savion Glover and the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra. Photo courtesy of Originally published at: DavidRDupont

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Screenwriter plants seeds for stories in students

By JAN LARSON McLAUGHLIN BG Independent News   Screenwriter Karen Leigh Hopkins planted some seeds in a Crim fourth grade class Wednesday. Then she stood back and watched them grow like crazy. She teased the students with ideas swirling in her head for her next script. There’s the street dogs versus the wealthy dogs – a type of doggie Downton Abbey. There’s the entomologist forced to give up the study of bugs to become an exterminator. “I’ve got a bazillion other ideas I could write,” she said, stretching her arms out wide. They are jotted down anywhere possible. Backs of notebooks, store receipts. But on Wednesday, Hopkins was looking for ideas from the Crim fourth graders – feeding their imaginations then showering the seeds with praise as they blossomed before her eyes. Hopkins is all about the “what ifs.” What if Santa found out he was adopted and his other family was Jewish? What if you were on a ride at Cedar Point and it got stuck, leaving you stranded in a parallel universe? That’s all she needed to say to open the flood gate of ideas. Hopkins’ first idea was a pirate ride gone wrong. But she wanted something fresher, more creative.  Hands shot up, and she called on students bursting with ideas. “Polka dots,” she said, pointing to the girl dressed in dots. “Santa hat,” “red dress,” she said calling on students and reacting to each plot as the next great blockbuster. “Instead of pirates, there could be cats,” one student offered. “You guys blow my mind,” Hopkins said to the room full of raised hands. The ride got stuck in its tracks in worlds of monsters, zombies, dinosaurs, former presidents. “You guys, these are really good ideas,” she said, her eyes growing wider with each suggestion. “I like the way you think.” Outer space, Olympics, video games, a black hole. “Holy moly,” Hopkins said. “We may have to talk about these.” As the ideas flowed, Hopkins frantically got a piece of paper and asked a student to record the possible movies in the making. “Pleeeeeeease write,” she begged the student. The imaginations were gushing. What about robots? A magician with a magic mirror? “You just gave me goosebumps,” Hopkins said, rubbing her arms. One student offered the first line spoken in the alternate universe. “Come with me if you want to live…” Hopkins pointed to her newly appointed student secretary and urgently asked, “Did you get that line down?” She told the students about her daughter’s class that will be listed in the credits for a movie idea that they developed. Hopkins, a twin sister of Bowling Green resident Sharon Clifford, also gave the students in Carrie Crawford’s classroom at Crim a taste of the harsh reality in movie making. Hopkins got her first big break playing…

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