Businesses join in Perrysburg Rocks! promotion


You may have already discovered a brightly painted rock hiding in a park, on a bench, or beside a flower pot. Painted Rock hunting has become a fun unplugged pastime across the country. A group of 20 local businesses is inviting you to join in the fun with Perrysburg Rocks! this fall. The stores will be hiding hand painted rocks inside their businesses and are inviting you search for the rocks and win prizes. You are even invited to join them and paint a rock to be hidden!

Anyone who wishes to paint a rock has two opportunities to do so at local businesses. On Monday, September 25 at 6 p.m. there will be a painting event at Bettyanne’s Things Worth Repeating in downtown Perrysburg. All rocks and necessary painting supplies will be provided. On Thursday, September 28 there will be rocks and painting supplies available all day during the Nationwide Wishing Day celebration at Gathering Volumes. If you wish to paint a rock, please contact Bettyanne’s at (419) 874-9696 or Gathering Volumes at (567) 336-6188 to ensure they will have enough rocks for everyone. Additionally, if you are already a rock painter, you are welcome to drop already painted rocks off at Gathering Volumes to be included in the event.

If you are not interested in painting, you are invited to search for the rocks starting on October 1. You can pick up a “Perrysburg Rocks!” passport with the names of all the participating sites, and get your passport stamped or signed when you spot a rock. Collecting store stamps or signatures at fifteen or more businesses will entitle diligent seekers to a small prize as well as entry into a grand prize drawing on October 31 at Gathering Volumes. For those that painted a rock, if they find their own rock in a participating business they will receive a prize immediately.

Parks, playgrounds and family-friendly hiking trails are popular spots to hide the painted rocks. “When we first started considering a rock painting activity we were informed by a park ranger that they would prefer that we found indoor spaces to hide the rocks,” says Denise Phillips, owner of Gathering Volumes book store. “That got us thinking that it might be a fun activity for a shop local event to help introduce community members to a variety of local businesses in the community.” Some of the 20 businesses participating in the Perrysburg Rocks! event are: GypsieSoul, The Coral Reef, Kohne Camera, MEIG, Luckey Farmers, and Change of Seasons. 

Once again, as a fun fall activity, join 20 local businesses here in Perrysburg for some hide and seek fun as well as some enjoyable art time.  There is no charge to participate, and the hunt lasts for the entire month of October. For more information about hunting for Painted Rocks in Perrysburg, call Gathering Volumes at (567) 336-6188.