County parks fishing to add pond at Reuthinger Preserve

Greenhouse at Reuthinger Preserve


BG Independent News

The Wood County Park District often hears from local residents fishing for a place to cast out their lines and reel in a big one.

So when approached by a contractor needing dirt for a construction project, the park district jumped on the chance to provide their dirt and get a pond in exchange.

Wood County Park District Director Neil Munger reported to the park board last week that E.S. Wagner Co. is bidding on a large ODOT project relocating the Disalle Bridge. The company needs a lot of fill dirt for the project, and Reuthinger Preserve has some to spare, Munger told the board.

If E.S. Wagner gets the project, Munger suggested it would work to the park district’s benefit to let the company excavate a 6.5-acre area of Reuthinger Preserve, off Oregon Road, to create a pond for the park.

The pond could potentially provide a place for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and a source of water for the greenhouse in Reuthinger Preserve.

“One of the biggest things we hear from the public is they want more places to fish,” Munger told the board. “I think this is a real positive thing.”

The pond would be in the northern section of the park. The district is also working on trails and boardwalks through the woods and wetlands in an eastern area of the park.

If E.S. Wagner gets the bid, it will dig about 25 feet deep and then compact the pond area, Munger said. Restrooms may be added to the site, and Munger is hoping a windmill might be used for aeration of the pond.

“This is an exciting possibility there for us,” he said.

Munger also informed the board that he plans to talk with the Wood County engineer about the possibility of installing a four-way stop on Oregon Road at the entrance to Reuthinger Preserve.

In other business at last week’s meeting, the park board:

  • Agreed to raise per mile reimbursement for mileage from 54.5 cents to 58 cents, according to the IRS standard.
  • Voted to purchase a Dodge Ram 1500 from Al Smith, in Bowling Green, for $25,870 for the park district’s operations department.
  • Agreed to renew annual membership with the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments, for $2,750. The board agreed membership gives the park district valuable networking opportunities.
  • Reviewed the park police reports for the month, including a call to handle cows loose on the Slippery Elm Trail.