Group therapy offered by Harbor/Behavioral Connections

(Submitted by Harbor/Behavioral Connections)

Recovery—living successfully with a mental illness– is often a matter of skills. Those with a diagnosis of mental illness can learn to navigate through daily life if they have tools for dealing with symptoms, stresses, and setbacks.

To this end, Harbor/Behavioral Connections is offering DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) skills training at its new 800 Commerce Drive location in Perrysburg. This ongoing group meets Mondays from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Though DBT was originally designed for individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, anyone struggling to manage stress, relationship conflicts, mood changes, and self-harm behaviors could benefit from the class. The group focuses on skill-building and is not a process group. Those interested should contact class instructor Ann Hamilton, LPCC, at 419-872-2419. They should meet individually with the group facilitator to determine whether or not the group is appropriate for them.

Topics covered in the group include problem-solving, mindfulness, mindful observation, nonjudgmental practice, and wise mind. Skills the group develops are interpersonal effectiveness, building relationships and ending destructive ones, emotional regulation, fact-checking, building positive emotions, and
surviving crises. The group’s curriculum is based on the ground-breaking DBT Skills Training Manual and Workbook by Marsh Linehan, who originally developed DBT.

For more information on DBT Skills Training, contact Harbor/Behavioral Connections at 419-352-5387 (Bowling Green) or 419-872-2419 (Perrysburg.)