Misfeldt honored at the 2016 OCTA Conference

At the sixty-third annual conference of the Ohio Community Theatre Association (OCTA), held at the Holiday Inn in Independence, Ohio, over the Labor Day weekend, Willard Misfeldt of Black Swamp Players was one of three OCTA members inducted into the state organization’s Hall of Fame.  This is an honor which recognizes outstanding achievements, contributions, and support by members of the organization.

Willard has been involved in amateur theatricals since his high school senior class play and has been a member of Black Swamp Players since 1975, serving the group in various capacities including as President and as representative to the state organization.  He has been a regular attendee at regional and state OCTA conferences and has brought home a number of awards.

In February and March of this year his more than forty years of theatre design work was surveyed in an exhibition at the Four Corners Center gallery in downtown Bowling Green.

Dr. Misfeldt was a professor of art history in BGSU’s School of Art for 31 years.  For him theatre was a strong hobby and good way to have fun away from the job.