Hospital offers new cataract surgery

As of last week, Wood County Hospital began offering a new cutting edge laser cataract surgery.  Cataracts occur when the natural lens in the eye becomes cloudy, making it harder for light to enter the eye. This can cause blurry vision, glare and rings of light known as halos.

Normally, the surgery to remove cataract is done manually, by a surgeon, making tiny incisions in the eye using a surgical blade.  The new LenSx laser allows the surgeon to achieve superior outcomes compared to manual cataract surgery.  Laser cataract surgery makes cataract removal more precise and safe, all while reducing surgical time and the improving the recovery process.  

The laser has been at Wood County Hospital for several weeks and procedures are being performed weekly. Those with cataracts should contact their optometrist for a referral to a local ophthalmologist.