“Support our fine Parks and Recreation program” – Gary & Ann Jones

Bowling Green Parks and Recreation: there is so much that can be said in support of our city’s parks and facilities. My wife and I (now in our 70’s) have spent the major portion of our lives living in Bowling Green. And without a doubt, the parks and their facilities have always been an important part of our lives here. We have enjoyed with our friends the Friday summer lunches in City Park with good food provided by local vendors and good musical entertainment. We have enjoyed the excellent Sunday night music from the Needles stage. Our friends from Whitehouse and Findlay bring their children to our pool facility and the well maintained park and playground. And the skate park and the “hockey” rink seem always in use.

As we walk the park, I love to look at the beautiful stonework in the stone wall built in the early 1940s. My wife and I have also made good use of Wintergarden, St. John’s, and Tucker woods. The paths wind through so many varieties of trees and plants. We walk the woods daily with our dog Gunnar, and before Gunnar with our dog Abby, and before Abby our dog Lady. What a treat for both us and the dogs. We see deer (almost every trip), fox, raccoon, turtles, frogs, toads, geese, ducks, woodcocks, so many varieties of birds and much more. No two days are the same.

And the Bordner Meadow reproduces a meadow of the early 1800s. Once, we met a man from Missouri who asked us if we knew how lucky we were to have all of this within our city limits. We do know! I have only mentioned two of our parks that my wife and I love. There are others just as important. Try to picture Bowing Green without them. How sad it would be.The current levy amount has remained the same for 16 years. But much has changed in those sixteen years. My wife and I will support the new levy to maintain the new facilities and to cover increased costs for maintenance and personnel. We know it is in our best interest and in the quality of life for everyone in Bowling Green. We hope you share our love of the parks and join us in voting for our Parks and Recreation levy.

Gary and Ann Jones

Bowling Green