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Food pantry at First United Methodist works hard fill up families

By JAN LARSON McLAUGHLIN BG Independent News Sherry Phillips has many mouths to help feed. So her load was lightened by the heaping cart of food as she left the pantry at First United Methodist Church earlier this month. She had eggs, milk, meat, a bag of potatoes and much more. “It’s awesome. God bless them,” said Phillips, of North Baltimore, whose daughter has 10 children. “It really helps. What they do is unbelievable.” Behind her in line was Franklin Camp, pushing a cart full of groceries, including a bag of fresh eggplants and containers of kale. “I like eggplant,” he said. “The girl I pick up for likes kale.” “They do a good job,” Camp, of Bowling Green, said. If it weren’t for the monthly food pantry, Camp is unsure how he would get by. “It’s hard to say,” he said. “I had a hard time last month, and they gave me the ability to feed my family.” The monthly food pantry at First United Methodist Church in Bowling Green is the smorgasbord of food distributions. Families leave with enough food to fill the trunk of a small car. “We do more in an hour and a half than some pantries do in a month,” said Todd Sayler, organizer of the food pantry. Each month, about 240 people come to the church on East Wooster Street, and leave with grocery carts full of food. Milk is distributed at food pantry. The exact food varies depending on availability. But earlier this month, each family of four went home with the following: Two grocery bags full of items like soups, mac and cheese, pasta, spaghetti sauce, bagels, bread, peanut butter, cereal and granola bars. Two cartons of eggs.A large block of cheese.A 10-pound bag of potatoes.Fresh vegetables like zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, onions and green beans.Containers of salad mixings.A three-pound bag of apples.Apple and orange juices.Frozen chicken, turkey and pork.Two gallons of milk.A large bag of frozen blueberries.Snack items like nacho chips, cake mixes, brownie mixes, and frosting. For families who request, there are also diapers, baby formula, powdered milk, laundry detergent, toilet paper and soap available. Helping feed so many families takes a lot of coordination and a lot of funding. When families are hurting, the…

First United Methodist Mom Groups Thank BG Businesses

MOPS and Moms Next at the First United Methodist Church in Bowling Green want to publicly thank the very generous donors who helped support our mission of creating better moms for a better community. Biggby, thank you for blessing our moms with hot coffee- truly a luxury that we are so grateful for. Stimmel’s Market, your donation of assorted donuts is always delicious and always whole-heartedly appreciated. Thank you for supporting our community through your generous giving to our MOPS and Moms Next Moms!! Dear BG Community- stop into Biggby and Stimmel’s Market, tell them MOPS sent you! Let’s show businesses in our community that their generosity is appreciated by patronizing them! Jennifer Cothren Patsy Crawford Mothers Of Preschoolers and Moms Next First United Methodist Church Bowling Green

First United Methodist spreads the Gospel with rousing “Godspell”

By DAVID DUPONT BG Independent News “Godspell” turns the good news into happy talk. The musical, directed by Janine Baughman, is on stage at the First United Methodist Church Thursday through Saturday. The 34th annual dinner theater is sold out, but there will be about 20 tickets for show and dessert only available each night. Tickets will be $15 at the door. This after dinner seating will be at 6:45 p.m. With a book by John-Michael Tebelak and most of the music by Stephen Schwartz, the musical’s take on the Gospel is very much in the spirit of  1971 when it was created, free-spirited, free-wheeling. The show opens with a gaggle of philosophers, each spouting fragments of their philosophy creating a cacophony of abstraction. As “Tower of Babble” proceeds, they each take turns climbing a tall ladder center stage. Then John the Baptist (Will Baughman) enters, carrying a water gun, skirting the audience as he approaches the stage. He sets about baptizing the cast who have now shed their personas as philosophers. Now they are just folks, wide-eyed and happy. Baughman brings a big goofy charm to John, and then to Judas. The last to arrive is Jesus (Michael Barlos). Barlos conveys a charisma that instantly captivates the crowd and the audience. He exudes a warmth and tolerance, like a favorite teacher. He loves the rambunctiousness of his disciples, but knows when to firmly but lovingly draw the line. The cast is a team of individuals. They all have their own way of smiling, and each gets a chance to shine in a song that reveals more personality. We feel we’re getting to know them. But it really is how they work together as a group that gives the production its lift. Other cast members are: Andrew Austin, Daniel Carder, Mara Connor, D. Ward Ensign, Courtney Gilliland, Cassie Greenlee, Garrett Leininger, Emily Popp, Tyler Strayer and Sherel White. There’s a palpable joy in their interplay as they act out parables. They even pull in audience members to help them. Throughout they inject contemporary references including a few jabs at the president-elect.  As cast members step into the spotlight for features, their fellow actors seem to enjoy them as much as the audience will. There’s much to…

First United Methodist in BG to present “Godspell”

From FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH First United Methodist Church of Bowling Green will present the 2012 Revised Version of GodSpell, (Conceived + originally directed by John-Michael Tebelak Music + New Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz) on Thursday November 17, Friday November 18, and Saturday November 19, 2016. Janine and Will Baughman directing. This will be in conjunction with the annual Dinner Theatre and Mini-Bazaar. The Bazaar will open at 5:30, with doors opening at 6 p.m. for dinner, and curtain at 7 p.m. The cast for the show about the ministry of Jesus features Michael Barlos as Jesus and Will Baughman as Judas. Other cast members are Andrew Austin, Garrett Leininger, Ward Ensign, Danny Carder, Tyler Strayer, Mara Connor, Cassie Greenlee, Courtney Gilliland, Emily Popp, and Sheryl White. This promises to be an amazing ensemble singing the eclectic blend of amazing songs that make up this score. The dinner this year is a chili bar and soup and the price of the dinner is included with the show price. Dessert will be served at intermission. Cost of tickets is $15 and tickets are on sale now. Ticket order forms can be found on the church website or on our Facebook page All pre-ordered tickets will be picked up at the door the night of the shows. Order early for best seats. For questions about tickets, please call the church office between 8:30 and 4:30 p.m. at 419-353-0682 or Lee McLaird between 7 and 10 p.m. weekdays 419-354-6618. For other questions, call Robin Cagle at 419-308-8925.