“The Wicks Family have long been a positive force in our community” – Cathy Harshman & Judy Yackee

The Wicks family and their business, Grounds for Thought, have long been a positive force in our community. Beyond providing a gathering place and nutrition for the mind and body they have hosted numerous cultural, music and intellectual events. They have been instrumental in organizing our wonderful Black Swamp Arts Festival. And now they are applying that positive force toward another community.

On August 25, Port Aransas, Texas (as well as other coastal communities) was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. This beautiful beach town has lost so much including every single book in their library. We put out the word that we were collecting books to help the Port Aransas library rebuild. The result has been amazing. Our friends have really come through. Kelly, Laura and Sandy Wicks of Grounds For Thought have alone provided dozens of boxes of books. We are so very grateful for these donations and for the privilege of being a part of this wonderful BG community that Grounds for Thought epitomizes.

Cathy Harshman
Judy Harshman Yackee
Bowling Green