Time running out to help BGSU’s Slater Ice Arena earn Hockeyville USA distinction


The Slater Family Ice Arena in Bowling Green, OH is making a run for the title of Kraft Hockeyville USA 2018!  The Kraft Hockeyville USA contest is in its fourth season and focuses on the community spirit fostered by participating in the sport of ice hockey, as well as other types of involvement found in ice arenas around the country.  Local arenas participate by initially being nominated by someone from the community. Once nominated, additional community members are encouraged to share their passion for their hometown ice arena through posting stories, pictures, videos, and notes, and include reacting to what has been posted and sharing the content with others.

This year’s contest is in the nomination phase until March 10, 2018.  Judging will occur from March 11 – March 16, with the top four finalists being announced on March 31.  The next phase is a national voting period from April 13 at 12:00am ET to April 14 at 11:00am ET. This vote will be open for the entire country to choose the most deserving rink out of the four finalists.  The Grand Prize Winner is scheduled to be announced at an NHL game at 3:00pm ET on April 14. The Grand Prize Winner receives $150,000 in rink upgrades and hosts a future pre-season NHL game.

The numerous skaters and fans who have called the Slater Family Ice Arena home for over 50 years strongly believe the local arena embodies the sense of community that is built from the passion of hockey and skating.   The Slater Family Ice Arena is unique in that it is a university ice arena on the campus of Bowling Green State University housing the competitive Division I Falcon Hockey team and activities for BGSU students, while also serving multiple communities through Learn to Skate programs, recreational Public Skates, Youth Hockey, Figure Skating, Adult Hockey, and High School hockey, among others.

Winning would help improve the facility for all user groups of the building through updating and adding spaces to allow additional hockey and skating instruction and events, more local high schools to be housed in the arena, and dedicated spaces for women.  In addition, lighting and sound system enhancements are much needed to improve the user experience and save on utility costs.

Help the Slater Family Ice Arena share its story with the country by winning the title of Kraft Hockeyville USA 2018! Go to Krafthockeyville.com and share an experience or memory directly to the Slater Family Ice Arena page.  To search for the arena use the zip code 43403. Once on the Slater Family Ice Arena Hockeyville page, add a story, photo and/or video, post a note, share the page, and react to content already posted to help the Slater Family Ice Arena win the Kraft Hockeyville USA 2018 title and with it the much needed rink upgrades and a pre-season NHL game!