“Trump Proposing War” – Joann Schiavone

He is proposing to increase military spending by $54 BILLION and cut nonmilitary programs by the same amount… guess what, seniors? Decisions about our Medicare and Social Security will not be made until later in the year. Get ready to play for his $54 BILLION plan. Remember, this president promised to slash EPA environmental rules to help the drilling and mining industries, but without hurting air and water. How are you going to do this Trump, by twitching your nose? He is going to slash EPA funding by 24%. He just did a reversal in America’s progress toward cleaner air and water and fighting global climate change. So those of you who support this man, be ready for breathing problems and deaths in this most polluted country in the world. His new leader Pruitt sued the agency he now leads more than a dozen times while Attorney General of Oklahoma to stop federal rules. He never mentioned climate change in his 12 minute speech at EPA headquarters in Washington. This will also make changes to Mr. Obama’s Waters of the United States rule that details which waterways fall under federal protection. So plan on having some flavor added to your drinking water that can put you in the hospital for black lung disease. But remember, people who voted for this man, he made these promises to you but failed to tell you that he is in the pockets of polluters, and this is who he is working for. Too bad you chose to vote for more bad jobs than cleaner jobs, and set your priorities for the almighty dollar rather than for the health of you and your children. SHAME ON YOU!

Please attend ALL Town Hall meetings and demand that your congress person and state senators attend and answer all your concerns. If they don’t attend, like our State Senator Portman and Congressperson Bob Latta, remember this when you go to the voting booth. Latta will only attend dinner fundraisers or have a phone-in Town Hall meeting which is a big joke. They will ask you what your question is, or what your comments are for Latta, and if it is a question or comment that Latta is afraid to address, guess what? You won’t be on the airwaves.

Trump voters, are you happy with the promise to keep America safe? This budget will lead to deep reductions in federal programs that touch millions of lives. Seniors’ and Veterans’ benefits; law enforcement efforts…

We are supporting THREE WHITE HOUSES: his places in Florida and New York, and of course the White House with security, and we are paying for his sons to go around the world promoting Mr. Trump’s businesses and paying for that security. This must be stopped. If they are traveling for personal gain and we are the suckers paying for it, then Trump, SHOW US YOUR TAXES.  They will only show why Trump doesn’t want his taxes revealed. He owes Putin a lot of money. Oh by the way, Trump doesn’t even pay taxes, but we do. Trump = Putin = Dictatorship.

Joann Schiavone
Rossford, Ohio