Underwear thief charged with repeat offenses in BG


BG Independent News


Hundreds of bras and women’s underwear were found during a search of a Bowling Green man’s home after he was caught reportedly trying to break into an apartment.

This is not the first time Bradley Feasel, 33, of 236 S. Grove St., was arrested with stolen underwear and bras in his home. He was sentenced to six months in 2004 after being caught stealing items from an apartment on the East Side of the city.

In addition to stolen undergarments, in 2004 police also found a telescope in the trunk of Feasel’s car and a journal detailing how to watch attractive people and how to set up a hidden video camera.

“This isn’t his first time,” Bowling Green Police Major Justin White said Friday.

The Bowling Green Police Division is asking that any women who have had undergarments stolen to contact Sgt. Hartman at 419-352-1131.

This past September, college students living in a house on East Merry Avenue reportedly found a man in their residence when they returned home around 1:30 in the morning. The man fled, leaving a pile of the women’s underwear and clothes under a window as he escaped.

The women reported that they believed this to be the third or fourth time the man had entered their home.

Later that same month, Feasel was arrested for trespassing in the 200 block of North Enterprise. In that case, the residents reportedly heard Feasel trying to enter by the front door. They called police, who apprehended Feasel outside the house.

Feasel matched the description from the East Merry incident, so police executed a search warrant and found hundreds of bras and women’s underwear in his home.

“We came across such a large amount of evidence, it’s taking a long time,” White said. The crime lab at the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation is assisting with the local investigation.

“I do expect more charges,” White added. Meanwhile, Feasel is being held at the Wood County Justice Center.

Thirteen years ago, Feasel was charged with some of the same offenses. According to police reports from 2004, Feasel broke into 1480 Burrwood Drive, stealing personal items like jewelry and perfume. He apparently made several trips to and from the home in one night.

A female student in the home reportedly walked out of her bedroom at about 2 a.m. and saw Feasel standing in her bathroom. She locked herself in her bedroom until help arrived.

Feasel, a BGSU student at the time from Cygnet, was arrested and charged with burglary. Feasel told police that he was just curious and wanted to see what was happening at the residence.

According to police, Feasel’s pockets were overflowing with items he had tried to steal from the women early that morning.

Reported stolen were underwear, bras, a video recorder, photographs, perfume, jewelry, make-up, tank tops, sweatshirts and a sorority bag.

The BGPD obtained a search warrant for Feasel’s car and apartment. Among other items, Feasel had a telescope in the trunk of his car and police found sex toys, jewelry and underwear that were not just the Burrwood women’s items.

Police also found a journal kept by Feasel. The journal detailed Feasel’s plans for a website describing how to watch attractive people, how to dress up like a woman and how to set up a hidden video camera.

According to an article in the BG News, the campus newspaper, the thefts left the students quite shaken.

“At first we were just afraid, but now I am mad about it. Maybe he knows this house as good as I do,” one of the victims said. “My whole sense of security no longer exists.”

“I just want to ask him how many times he has been in our house, or was he here when we didn’t go out and we were in our rooms sleeping,” another victim told the BG News.

In the recent cases, White said that some of the homes entered by Feasel have been unlocked. White advised that residents keep their doors and windows locked.