BGSU dancers kick up their heels in Footfalls

By DAVID DUPONT BG Independent News At last night’s dress rehearsal for Footfalls, the annual dance concert, spirits were high. Dancers took turns being on stage and in the audience, and the performers couldn’t have asked for more enthusiastic fans. By the time the dancers from the Jazz 2 class closed out the program, the other dancers were whooping and cheering them on. Set to a 98 Degrees holiday tune, the dancers cavorted in front of a Christmas tree. Everybody was in the spirit. Everyone has the chance to share the fun when Footfalls, takes the stage at 222 Eppler North tonight (Thursday, Dec. 7) and Friday at 8 p.m. on the BGSU campus. Tickets are $5 at the door. The program features performances by students in the programs five classes in jazz, modern, tap and ballet as well as work created by students in the choreography. Those students, explained Colleen Murphy, a lecturer in the program, are responsible for the entire process. Choreographing the dance, designing the lighting, selecting dancers, choosing the music, and arranging rehearsals. Almost all used modern dance techniques. The outlier was Sarah Drummer who took a more ballroom approach. Drummer, a double major in theater and dance, was inspired by a workshop she participated in New York City. She’s been involved in Latin dance since she was little, so the senior decided to include several salsa styles as well as some Middle Eastern ingredients into the mix. The music accompanying the dancers draws heavily on current popular music styles with Lady Gaga, James Blake, and…

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