BGSU’s Center for the Future of Forensic Science offers real life setting for students

By DAVID DUPONT BG Independent News Melissa Jollie, who grew up in a “science dominated” family, was inspired to go into forensic science in part by her love of crime shows. Nevada Smith at work in forensics lab at BGSU. A junior in forensics science with a specialty in biology,  Jollie said that closeness to the BCI lab has paid off. “A lot of people who work at BCI will come to our forensic classes and talk about what they do. It’s been a good students  to see what our careers could be.” She wanted to come to Bowling Green State University because of its close ties with the real life work of forensic sciences. Having the Bureau of Criminal Investigation lab which opened on campus in 2014  “was a big component in my being here,” the student from Maryland said.  Now students get even more insight into their careers with the new Center for the Future of Forensic Science. State and university officials celebrated the opening of the lab in the Life Science Building on Tuesday. The lab uses the same equipment and procedures as the nearby state BCI lab. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Dave Yost, on his first working day as state attorney general, said the center will “advance the frontiers of forensic science.” Also, it will provide “a good pipe line of qualified young people who understand the science and are ready to go to work from day one. The demand for this kind of evidence, this kind of analysis, is just expanding,” he said.  When students graduate and take jobs in BCI labs, they will not have as steep a learning curve because they will be working on familiar equipment and in a familiar environment, he said. “This is going to help Ohio become a leader in forensic science.” Jon Sprague, who directs the center, said it cost $1.2 million to build the center with another $800,000 to equip it. The BCI donated some of the equipment and provided grants to purchase more. Sprague thanked former State Senator Randy Gardner for his help as a legislator to make the center as well as the nearby lab a reality.  Gardner was spending his first full day…

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